Sunday, August 2, 2009


Let's talk diapers: Cloth? Disposable?

Obviously disposables are much more convenient, and easier to purchase in stores. I read online that approximately 95% of mothers use disposables. Something inside of me feels really icky about contributing to the massive amounts of diapers that are thrown in landfills every day.

So - we've been talking about doing cloth diapers. Holy freaking cow...there are SO MANY DIFFERENT OPTIONS when it comes to cloth diapering! No wonder 95% of mothers are using disposables...I can hardly make heads or tails out of all the information I'm finding online about cloth! Cloth diapers are not the same that were used when I was a baby, so my mother isn't going to be much help at all. All this confusion is enough for me to just use disposables, but I really don't want to be weak about it, and go against my convictions here.

Now I come to you: What do you use? Why? What brands do you like? If you use cloth, how inconvenient is it for you?

Help me people...

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  1. So, Mike and I are having the same issue! Let me know what you discover. We would like in theory to use cloth...but where do you even start?! As far as disposables go, Jenna has always used Pampers, and I've not had one explode yet!!! Britt and Steph use generic diapers, mostly from Walmart, and they like them just fine...but when I change their kids' diapers, I can tell a difference. Plus Pampers has the sensitive ones for the little babies. -- Jamie