Monday, July 13, 2009

Buster Hearts Zesta

The only human food Buster (our kitty) has any interest in is saltines. Whenever he hears the package crinkling, he comes running to get one. I usually give him one, which he then removes the salt from quickly, and leaves a soggy cracker sitting on the floor. Since I have been eating a steady diet of saltines lately, you can imagine the frenzy that has been surrounding my every cracker consumption.

This morning was no exception. The past few days I have been withholding crackers from our little kitty - for fear that he would get a little too spoiled, and begin begging for food all the time. Today as I laid in bed settling my stomach before I got up to get ready for work, Buster came in nosing around my crackers for a little snack. I kept telling him no, pushing him away, etc. Finally, Buster admitted defeat and backed off. A minute later, I noticed that he had laid down near the sleeve of crackers, wrapped his paws around them in a little kitty-hug, and rested his head on top of them. It was so cute! It was almost like he was saying, "I don't care if you don't give me crackers...I'm going to love them anyway!"

He is such a sweet boy. He drives me crazy sometimes, but this morning he made me giggle. :)

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