Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've always wondered what I would crave when I was pregnant. I already love pickles (in quite an unhealthy way), so what could this little human growing inside of me do to my palate?

I haven't had very many cravings that would be considered crazy or weird. I'm certain my body is telling me to eat more protein, because eggs and beef always sound good to me! I keep telling Matt that this is most definitely his baby, because it wants steak all the time! Not that there was a question of paternity...

Over the weekend I had a craving for Papa John's pizza. Matt was happy to oblige, even though this craving took him 20 miles away to our nearest PJ's. He's so good to me!

I'm still eating a lot of saltines, but that is more out of necessity than cravings. This nausea has been kicking my butt now and again, but the crackers really help. It's a good thing I like them!

It's going to be interesting to see what other cravings develop. Anyone have any fun cravings stories from their pregnancies?


  1. Mine were Arby's loaded baked potato (which I didn't even like before or after)and Monical's pizza. I had a craving one winter's night for Monical's and Ryan went out in the cold to get it. He ended up getting into an accident that night with some people that were drunk driving. Even one was ok, but I don't think I got my pizza that night. lol. I started out at 100 lbs and gained 45 from those darn Arby's loaded baked potatoes. lol.

  2. In my second trimester, I had an inappropriate relationship with doughnuts. I could smell them through the packages! I even sat in my car, alone with a doughnut and just sighed when happiness when I ate it.:)

  3. When I was about 8+ months pregnant with Isaac I woke up one morning wanting a lemon pie. not a lemon-cream, but a real, ooey-gooey lemon pie. I got out of bed, grabbed my keys and started out the door. Chris was a little surprised, asked me where I was going, and then kindly suggested that I put on some pants and a bra, and maybe brush my pie. I drove all over Lexington (5 grocery stores), Ramsey's and Frisch's before admitting defeat. *Sigh*

  4. When I was pregnant with the twins, it was Steak 'n Shake white chocolate milk shakes. John gained a noticeable amount of weight during that pregnancy from making runs for me and not being able to resist himself!! :)

  5. Squooshy's Grandma Glo here...I craved CornNuts. Barbecued Ones. I Guess that's why Katie is such a sassy gal.