Saturday, July 11, 2009

How we found out, and how we spread the news...

I'm pregnant, and I'm TIRED, so to save myself a lot of repeating, I'm copying part of an e-mail I sent a friend recently about how we found out little Squooshy was coming. It's my blog, I'll do what I want! Enjoy...

So, for the past few weeks, I have been feeling INCREDIBLY tired, light-headed, a little nauseous, my heart was pounding a little bit, etc. I thought I was dying or something, and really started to panic. I decided last Wednesday to visit my physician to see what was going on. As I told the nurse about my symptoms, I started to panic a little right there, and she was like, "Calm down! I'm sure everything is fine. Now, go pee in this cup. I want to do a pregnancy test." I was like, "I never pass these, but whatever."

So I peed in the cup, and five minutes later the doctor came in and said, "So how do you feel about being a mother?" I FREAKED! I just burst into tears, asked him if I was dreaming, and cried some more. As I was leaving, the nurse Jennifer (who I LOVE), stopped me and said, "You didn't think you were getting out of here without giving me a hug, did you? CONGRATS!" It was so great. She knows how much we have been trying, and how heartbroken we have been. It was awesome.

I went down to the parking lot, sat in the car, and called Matt. I wasn't going to be home until the next night, because I was working my 2-day stint in Indy. I wish I could have told him in person, but I couldn't wait to tell him. I had to let him know over the phone! He knew I had been at the doctor, so after we greeted each other, he said, "So what did the doctor say?" I was like, "Well, he says I'm pregnant!" Matt just sat there quiet for a moment, and then he said, "What?" I repeated, "I'm pregnant!" I heard him start to cry (which he never does), and he just asked, "Really?" I was like, "Yeah! Isn't that crazy?" He was floored, and we both just sat there crying on the phone together for a few minutes.

We decided to go ahead and tell our families, so as he was on the phone with his parents and sister, I went to Mom and Dad's. My brother and Mom were both napping, but I grabbed Robert, got Dad from in front of the TV, and dragged them into Mom and Dad's room where Mom was still sleeping. I went to Mom, leaned over her and tried to get her to wake up. She turned to me all groggy-like, and I said, "I'm going to have a baby..." She was like, "What?" I said again, "I'm going to have a baby. I'm pregnant!" She said, "You're lying! No way! No way!" Meanwhile my dad and my brother are both like, "What? Awesome! Yeah! That's awesome! Woo-hoo! Alright!" It was so great. Then my mom jumped out of bed and gave me the biggest hug she's given me in a very long time.

After we all settled down a bit, my brother just kept telling me how awesome it was, and how happy he was for us. He knew that we had been struggling, and I guess he had been concerned about it. You could just tell that he was genuinely excited about it. He even got on the phone with his good friends (they all grew up together, and are good friends of the family) and told them the news.

Mom and I had plans to meet my sister at the mall, and then have dinner with her and my grandma and two aunts. We caught up with Kelly as she was finishing trying things on in a fitting room. She came out with her goodies, and said, "So where do you guys want to shop tonight?" I just looked at her and said, "Oh, I don't know. I was thinking maybe we could check out Motherhood Maternity..." I wish I had a video camera taping her reaction! Her facial expressions went from confusion to understanding to shock to crying to smiling all in the span of just a few seconds! She was like, "What? Oh...wait? What? You're pregnant? OHMYGOSH!" It was great...She said later that night that, even though she isn't much of a church-going person, she had never believed in God as much as she did right then.

Then at dinner, after our drinks had been delivered and our order was placed, I just leaned over the table to my grandma and said, "Hey Grandma, guess what I found out today? I'm going to have a baby!" Everyone was so excited! Later on Grandma told me that she had never been more excited to hear that someone was having a baby as she was that night. This is coming from the woman who gave birth to six of her own children, and has dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Telling people has been so much fun! Our churches are totally excited for us. Everyone is offering to babysit and spoil little Squooshy rotten! I'm going to hold them to that...

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