Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is your mother speaking...

My family is a little (a lot?) crazy. We fight big, we love big, we laugh's exciting all the time. We like to poke fun at each other, and almost always have a good time together.

Because of all the goofing around, I think my mom always feels like she has to really make it clear when she's about to switch into "Mom Mode" and exert the power given to her by her position in our family. She usually does this by saying, "This is your mother speaking..." and then continuing on with her edict.

I got one such statement from my mom this morning on Facebook after I posted the link to last night's blog post. Here is what she had to say: "It is all going to be just fine. This is your mother speaking. Try enjoying this experience instead of worrying about it." Message received Mom!

I guess I should make it very clear that I AM enjoying this pregnancy most of the time. I am enjoying dreaming about our little baby. I love thinking about the nursery, and can't wait to get started on it. I like looking at baby clothes, imagining what it will be to put Squooshy's little feet into tiny socks and wrap his soft, clean little tushie in a diaper. I really am excited about it, and I love thinking about this baby inside of me.

HOWEVER: I'm not enjoying the nausea or the spotting that I have experienced. I just can't. The nausea is starting to get better, but when I see that little bit of blood, it makes me nervous.

I think I'll start enjoying the actual physical part of the pregnancy when I start to feel it! Right now I just feel tired, bloated, nauseous, and although I KNOW in my head that I'm feeling these things because I'm pregnant, it's not OBVIOUS to a part of my brain that I'm pregnant. When I start feeling those flutters, seeing that baby bump, etc....I think I'll REALLY start to enjoy being pregnant. Despite the ultrasounds I've seen, I think it will be so much more real when I begin to feel Squooshy growing and moving inside of me every day.

This is your daughter speaking: Mom - I'm okay! I promise...and I love you!


  1. Very, very nice Katie & well written. The nausea will get better so hang in there.........THIS IS YOUR AUNT SPEAKING & I love you too!

    Aunt Gwen

  2. OMG Katie & Glo this is lovely.
    Blog, My Space, Facebook and I only frequent e-mail!!
    Katie, you are going to be a great mom!!!!
    Love you
    Aunt Gayle